Eye Contact



Eye Contact is the winner of the Wellcome Trust Windows Commission 2014 for students at the University of the Arts London. Applicants were invited to examine the changing ways in which images are registered and understood.


Some press links:

Wellcome Trust press release

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Special thanks to the Wellcome Trust for their support throughout the development of the project and to Thaddeus Robertson (Bespoke Technical Support for the Arts & Entertainment).

Additional thanks for  members of the Wellcome Trust staff whose eyes make up the footage: Adam Dinsmore, Agnes Nilan, Aimee Jenner, Alice Mountfort, Alyson Stoddart, Angela Miller, Angela Saward, Barry Gibb, Becky Edmunds, Charlotte Sowerby, Chloe Roberts, Chris Newstead, Claire Cunliffe, Claire Hansford, Crestina Forcina, Daisy Wright, Daniel Nelki, Deborah Leem, Elayne Hodgson, Eleanor Groves, Elizabeth Benson, Emily Mitchell, Emma Colgan, Femke Waltman, Geraldine Holden, Imo Otoro, Jaydene Witchell, Jayne Shaw, Jemima Hodkinson, Jennifer Staves, Jill Shaw, Jo Marsh, Joanna Scott, Joe Simmonds-Issler, Jonathan Nash, Josie Gill, Juliette Davis, Kiern Dhillon, Kirsty Strawbridge, Laura Ross, Louise Grainger, Louise Sands, Louise Taylor, Lucy Douch, Lucy Foss, Luxy Cunningham, Mark Macdonald, Michelle Ramrachia, Miriam Ward, Natasha Burke, Nikita Gulin, Rachel Sturgis, Rahila Hussain, Robert Reddick, Rosalyn Taylor, Russell Dornan, Sarah Allen, Sarah Chesters, Sarah Molton, Sarah Reeve, Sari Watson, Sharon Roberts, Sophie Goggings, Stephanie Sinclair, Tom Anthony, Usha Pulakhandam, Victoria James, Zoe Seager